Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Your visit and use of this website, hereinafter referred to as i-xperts.gr, means an unconditional acceptance of the following terms which you should read carefully and they take effect immediately on your first visit to this website.

1. The copyright of the content (eg programs, information, data) and services of the website (site) www.i-xperts.gr introduced or will be introduced to the internet from the company I-XPERTS & CREATIVE are protected by Greek, European and international copyright laws and belong exclusively to I-XPERTS & CREATIVE or their respective owners, and are its visitors strictly for personal (non commercial or speculative) use. The company I-XPERTS & CREATIVE make every effort so that the content and information appearing each time on the site is as accurate and true, but does not assume any responsibility for the reliability, completeness or timeliness and will not be liable users / members or third parties for any damage, owing in efsalmeno or inaccurate.

2. Any copy, distribution, transportation, processing, resale, create derivative works, or misleading the public about the real provider of the content of the website. Any reproduction, republication, loading, announcement, or transmission or any other use of the contents in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with prior written permission of I-XPERTS & CREATIVE or any other holder of the copyright.

3. The use of the website i-xperts.gr be made solely for lawful purposes and in a way that does not restrict or prevent its use by others. The visitor is obliged to use this website according to law, morals and the terms hereof and not proceed to acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction to him, affect or endanger the provision of services of I-XPERTS & CREATIVE.

4. The names, images, logos and distinctive features representing the company I-XPERTS & CREATIVE or third parties and their services are proprietary marks of I-XPERTS & CREATIVE or third parties protected by applicable trademark laws. Their appearance on this website should in no way be construed as transfer and / or assignment of license and / or right to use them.

5. The interface of the website to other websites via links (links), made solely for the convenience of users / members. The I-XPERTS & CREATIVE is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by the use of links (links) to other websites, as well as information that may be contained in web pages of their links. The I-XPERTS & CREATIVE accepts no responsibility for the content of pages to which it has links, nor is responsible for the security policy of other nodes, and how to manage their electronic visitors.

6. I-XPERTS & CREATIVE shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages of users / members of the website, which is due to illegal actions of third parties (eg interception or deciphering codes and data), in spreading viruses (viruses) or other relevant data (eg, worms, trojan horses) during use of the website, or playback (download) data content or problems that may occur during use of computers (eg .g. data loss, etc.)

7. The user / member i-xperts.gr understands and accepts that he has exclusive responsibility to compensate the company I-XPERTS & CREATIVE and its affiliates for any legal dispute arising between him and third parties due to the content that he for posting, publishing, or other transfer through the services of I-XPERTS & CREATIVE.

8. The user / member understands and accepts that the I-XPERTS & CREATIVE reserves the exclusive right to discontinue the use of / passwords to the services and / or discontinue the availability of content to users / members are believed to have violated the letter and spirit of these terms of use.

9. I-XPERTS & CREATIVE has no responsibility for the communication of the user / member with third party service providers advertised on i-xperts.gr for any commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between them.

10. The I-XPERTS & CREATIVE make every possible effort for the good operation of its network. But not responsible for any shutdown of its website and services. It does not guarantee that the pages, services, choices and content will be error free or that errors will be corrected. Also not responsible for any labor profit loss or business interruption, owing to the inability to provide connection to this website.

11. I-XPERTS & CREATIVE reserves the right to modify its website, to add, modify or remove any information and / or information on this without any warning.

12. It also maintains the right to modify at any time these terms.


For your online purchases from the built-in electronic system sales of our website (e-shop) require your registration as a member client of our company. To register, we ask you your minimum necessary personal information and the details of your business in case of invoice. Your details are kept in a secure database all privacy policy rules are applied.

For your purchases with a credit or debit card, we work with PayPal. Your payments are outside of our website in a safe enviroment payments by PayPal. Our company does not keep data on your credit card and any priptosi will not be prompted either the number or the PIN of your card by us.

The products and / or services you buy from us have been tested for their quality and functionality before being posted on our site and we guarantee the best result. If you still encounter a problem due to a technical fault or deisleitourgia or inability to install the program / software due to code error, you are entitled under-departure and refund the entire purchase amount within 14 days from purchase date. Furthermore you have the right to a refund in case the product / service you bought from us does not meet the specifications / features detailed in our website. After the 14 days refund only if the product / service purchased, has ceased to operate or is malfunctioning and is accompanied by a guarantee or a contract / temporary technical support contract.

The part of your access to the site of I-XPERTS & CREATIVE, confirms that you understand adequately and completely what above reported, and agree perfectly with these conditions.

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